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design FAQ


The Conceptual Design Phase takes approximately eight weeks and includes a site survey, initial floor plans, preliminary design selections for materials, plumbing fixtures, hardware and furniture, etc. We create an investment estimate to capture the elements that will be needed to make the project a reality. We conduct “Trade Day” at your home. This is where we consult with our trades and vendors on site to review the project concepts and take detailed measurements in order to receive accurate quotes. (It is imperative to be on site with the vendors to discuss obstacles and options at the outset).   During this phase, we will confirm the design direction, layout(s), and investment estimate of the project, with one revision offered. The one allowed revision will add time onto this phase depending on the scale of the revision.

Conceptual Design includes the following:
· Floor plans(s)
· Inspiration/Mood Board(s)
· Initial Key Selections
· Initial Furnishings Investment Estimate for approval


The Detailed Design Phase takes approximately eight weeks, and includes selections of each item according to design direction, updated investment estimate, and floor plan(s), Procurement of written quotes from all trades and vendors, Completion of selections in accordance with approved inspiration boards and initial selections, Finalizing the approved floor plan(s) with actual selections, Drawing relevant elevations of the space, Completing any custom piece drawings as needed, Presentation preparation to communicate the design, Confirming the actual numbers against the approved investment estimate.

Detailed Design includes the following:
· Updated Floor plans(s), Key Elevations and relevant custom drawings
· Updated Inspiration/Mood Board(s) as needed.
· Proposal of each items for your approval with all details to confirm orders and the coordinating samples.
· Updated Furnishings Investment Estimate with actual costs


The Purchasing and Execution Phase is time dependent on scope of project and the contractor’s schedule. 

· Placing order & assessing delivery times
· Complete the purchasing of goods on your behalf
· Clarify and communicate estimated delivery times
· Manage open orders by efficiently tracking goods
· Prepare the installation timeline

· Oversee the construction and installation timeline
· Coordinate project logistics with contractors and vendors
· Provide site checks for project accuracy

Installation & Styling:
· Coordinate deliveries and installations
· Provide turnkey furniture installation, which means that all of the furnishings are delivered at one time, once any construction is complete.
· Plan & execute the styling process
· Style & photograph the completed project

The Reveal
· Provide documentation that supports the care and maintenance of your newly completed project
· Identify any deficiencies that we’ve noted during installation in the format of a project punch list
· Present the styling price list for each item installed, where applicable - for optional client purchase
· Confirm what you want to keep or return from the styling price list
· Pick up and return any items identified to be returned
· Identify & resolve deficiencies identified on the project punch list